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The following books will help you and inspire you to lead a happier life. You need the right mindset and successful strategies that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. But perhaps a fictional storyline will also encourage you to rethink your way of thinking. It's best to find out for yourself! Soon books in English will be available

grenzwertig atmen

An autobiographical novel that tells the story of the author, who suffered from a borderline illness.

Snow in June

A novelle that portrays a particularly strong woman. An homage to the author's late great-grandmother.

the ocean in Berlin

and other exciting short stories that present humorous anecdotes from the writer's life.

Key to happiness

Learn more about mental illness and about helpful skills that will make it easier for you to deal with it. Learn more about yourself and about your dreams and wishes. Benefit from passionate stories that have the potential to change your life.

Mental Health

Advice and blog posts on the subject of mental health with valuable strategies and exercises (after my parental leave)

Literature & Fiction

a biography and fictional novelles as well as short stories to inspire to a happier life


for more awareness, self-development, positve thinking, reflexion, gratitude, self-love, success, and more ... (after my parental leave)

for those who want a happier life

My writing activities are for all those who suffer from depression, borderline, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, anxiety, stress or burn-out and are looking for solutions. But even if you are mentally healthy and only interested in this topic or simply want to lead a happier life, you benefit from my writings. Achieve a positive mindset and learn helpful strategies that you can easily use in everyday life.

Another focus is my passion for literature. If you just want to relax your soul and enjoy the silence of reading, I invite you to read my short stories, novels and my autobiographical novel. Get away from it all and browse through my library.

If you also love writing or simply use it for therapeutic or practical purposes, I have some appealing designs for you. Check out my latest collection of bullet journals for more selfreflektion and awareness or for reaching your goals.

After my parental leave I am going to sell journals and write blog posts again. 

Look around, make yourself at home, let your heart spread out here and make yourself comfortable.

From your parents you learn to love, laugh and walk. But it is only when you come into contact with books that you discover that you have wings.

Helen Hayes